Klown BandPlainview's Klown Doll Museum got its start early in the 50's when the Plainview Klown Band was organized by a group of tourism-minded individuals who thought that the clown theme would be good for the community. For over 50 years now, the Plainview Klown Band has continued to serve as Plainview's good will ambassadors with the "oom pah pah" type of music they play while attired in clown suits. Klown Days were periodically a summer celebration and continues as the Klown Festival today.

A fortnight prior to the turn of the century, an industrious Chamber of Commerce secretary placed several clown dolls in the Chamber office. More were donated, and soon there was the start of the Plainview Klown Doll Museum. Just before the turn of the century, the City of Plainview was able to purchase the current home of the Museum in a beautiful location along Highway 20.

The Chamber of Commerce cooperated with the City and the building was renovated on the interior and the exterior was cleaned up to keep its original decor. Many volunteers helped with the project. The building became the new home of the Plainview Klown Doll Museum. As the clown dolls kept coming, the new home soon did not have enough room for its collection. A group of Plainview High School alumni came to the rescue and raised half of the funds needed for an addition. Local residents provided the rest along with many, many hours of volunteer labor. The addition, which doubled the size of the Museum, was dedicated in 2007.  In 2010, after receiving several more large collections of dolls, it was decided to enclose the drive through canopy of the building and create a foyer for greeting visitors to the museum.  This project was funded by donations from the community and was completed in 2011.  The musuem is open six days a week during the summer tourism season. 

Klown Doll Museum